Did exercises in Clark Hall, sweating is a great thing, relax, relieve what are in brain and bottom of heart, make me stronger. But after that, I breathed heavily, like a bull teased by a bull fighter for a long time. Fortunately, I feel better in brain now. Before going to gym, I terribly wanted to destroy something.

I am hungry but have no desire to have food, I am sleepy but cannot fall asleep. I am trapped in the reality, the only words which remind me work are Time is against us. For As, for internship, for job, for  the ring, for life.

Some ideas come out during Advanced Network Course, if I want to do some research, I need choose the topic is neither too huge nor too tiny. If I want to start up a company, first concern is what I can provide rather than which kind of technology or programming language will be used. Technology, in my eyes, is a tool in order to make life better, easier and more convenient.

Professor Qiao introduced some ideas about doing research during explaining slides, just like Sensor Network, first we consider about maximize deliver probability with Transmit-only nodes, then we add BPSK simple receiver into the system to receive ACK/NAK from the sink node, finally we point out if we can use those idle slots which have not used by High Priority or Low Priority nodes, above all is just a process of research, it is not very difficult. I will apply the thoughts into my own research about cloud computing.

Work hard, play hard.

As Yalei said that American guys played computer at their very youth, we just need a period time of accumulation.

Just like George Orwell said, “If people cannot write well, they cannot think well, and if they cannot think well, others will do their thinking for them.” That’s why I’m here.


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Yao Li is a web and iOS developer, blogger and he has a passion for technology and business. In his blogs, he shares code snippets, tutorials, resources and notes to help people develop their skills. Donate $5 to him for a coffee with PayPal at About Me page and read more professional and interesting technical blog articles. Follow him @Yaoli0615 at Twitter to get latest tech updates.
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