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Todd Wei example: discussion about OOP “我喜欢从道、术、灵3个角度看技术。道是事物的本质,是事物的共同性,修道最简单,一点就通,只需要悟性;术是具体技术和应用,修术比较难,需要长期积累和实践;灵是创造性,并由此产生事物的差异性,修灵最难,无规律可言,但它是道和术到达一定程度的自然产物。这里只讨论道的范畴,即主要探讨设计的本质和共同性。” Talk about pair programming (聊聊结对编程) Requirement change and Inversion of Control (需求变化与IoC) Quality is upon creation or design  (品质在于构建过程吗?) 2. 理想流 (李智勇) example:程序员生存定律 Depth of thoughts … Continue reading

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The relationship between SQL and No SQL is not competitive but complementary. SQL is stable and consistent and No SQL is flexible and scalable. SQL is better for data which needs more consistency and accuracy, like payment and finance. No … Continue reading

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iOS Development tips

  25-ios-app-performance-tips-tricks 2.  how to use instruments in Xcode   3. AFNetworking + UIButton // [_nextAction setImage:[UIImage imageWithData:[NSData dataWithContentsOfURL:[NSURL URLWithString:postCoverImgURL]]] // forState:UIControlStateNormal]; // [_nextAction.imageView setImageWithURL:[NSURL URLWithString:postCoverImgURL]]; // [_nextAction setImageForState:UIControlStateNormal withURL:[NSURL URLWithString:postCoverImgURL] placeholderImage: nil]; [_nextAction setBackgroundImageForState:UIControlStateNormal withURL:[NSURL URLWithString:postCoverImgURL] placeholderImage:nil]; 1st … Continue reading

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好久没有写东西了,正好前几天找回了这个博客,也不为留下些什么,只是想梳理一下自己的生活和思考。 之前看到一位好友的博文,深有感触,在这个信息过载的时代,想静下心来做一些事情确实很有挑战的,不过刷久了朋友圈和新闻也终究是停留在信息层的表面,还是需要安静的分析,思考,总结,这样或许才能沉淀出一些智慧。 生活的节奏越来越快了,得适时地停下来,想一想,然后继续上路,新的起点,从这篇博文开始。

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