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鼹鼠的土豆 阅微草堂的广播 狗剩爹 左思右想 Advertisements

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APAPA Lecture about career transition

Work is a Contract. Become a Content Expert and Take Ownership. Deliver, Deliver, Deliver Be a problem solver! Don’t point fingers. Be a decision maker. Take responsibility. Market your work. A leader is one who knows the way, goes the … Continue reading

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iOS development blog list

RayWenderlich NSHipster iOS Dev Weekly AppCoda User your loaf Bang’s blog Ash Furrow Maker of Things Originate MikeAsh::NSBlog Design + Code OneV’s Den 熊屋 | 技术小记 疯子乙 Di Wu blog M了个J Xcode Dev 不会开机的男孩 Meet@fannheyward liushuaikobe Polidea blog Arthur’s … Continue reading

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AFNetworking code research

AFNetworking2.0源码解析<一> AFURLConnectionOperation AFNetworking2.0源码解析<二> AFURLRequestSerialization AFNetworking2.0源码解析<三> AFSecurityPolicy AFNetworking2.0源码解析<四> AFURLResponseSerialization To be continue …

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Startup Lessons

More funding won’t magically fix your startup – Scale too quickly – Hire the wrong people – Cling to the wrong idea or give up too quickly – Lose focus – Oxygen Tips from Momo’s founder – Vision and strategy … Continue reading

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UICollectionView image display optimization

There are already a lot of posts and blogs which talk about image showing optimization in UICollectionView, but most of them are paging disabled and the most common way is to cancel requesting images in the middle part while scrolling … Continue reading

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Favorite music

With an Orchid — Yanni South Rim — Nicholas Gunn To be continue …

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