Ideas from audio programs

  1. 伽利略(三)---看理想,一千零一夜 (梁文道)




2. 罗辑思维


目标转移 (赢钱到赌气)

成本束缚 (鼓掌一个小时不愿放弃)

take care of a small group of people

do one thing, do it best

3. Software Engineering Radio – — Podcast

fixed mind set VS growth mind set

Behavior changes brain, learn something, like playing guitar.

Praise process and work, don’t always say you are smart or talent, say you work hard.

We can always be better. (learn something new, make more mistake and progress)

4. A16Z — Podcast

consistent benefit rules, never rely on negation skills and time

2 good answer for why join the company: mission and team

monopoly ways: patent, network, scale economy, brand

Try hard, but not too much. Good habit helps, but it stops innovation. You will feel pressure if cannot meet the requirement once or twice. Meditation after wake up will help organize information in unstructured way.

5. Particle Media conference

Retrospect everyday and find if there is essential difference from last year.

Newton could not figure out Physics completely, then believed in God.

No perfect team but perfect alliance.

Excellence is not enough, have to be great.


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