Startup Lessons

More funding won’t magically fix your startup

– Scale too quickly

– Hire the wrong people

– Cling to the wrong idea or give up too quickly

– Lose focus

– Oxygen

Tips from Momo’s founder

– Vision and strategy

– Get invest and profit

– Build team and put talent in right position

Words from Hacker and Painter


– Build great product

– Make income more than expense

Money is the agent to get wealth which is what people need

Develop a way to hack a problem is like doing fishing, rather than give out a fish, like sell omelet or cut hair. The former one is easier to scale.

Measurability – small team

Expandable – high tech

choose difficult solution to build barrier to entry and patent doesn’t help too much, law sue takes too long time.

How Google thinks about hiring, management, and culture

Hiring is done by committee, not individual managers.

Avoid “gotcha” interview questions.

Don’t forget what life was like before you were a manager.

Managers thinking about self-improvement should think small.

Sweat the small stuff.

Pay unfairly.

Counter offers are toxic to a company.

To be continue …


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Yao Li is a web and iOS developer, blogger and he has a passion for technology and business. In his blogs, he shares code snippets, tutorials, resources and notes to help people develop their skills. Donate $5 to him for a coffee with PayPal at About Me page and read more professional and interesting technical blog articles. Follow him @Yaoli0615 at Twitter to get latest tech updates.
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