Regular Expression Interesting Usage Cases

1) misspelled words matching


sep[ae]r[ae]te to match “seperate”, “separete”, “seperete”, “separate”

li[cs]en[cs]e to match “license”, “lisense”, “licence”, “lisence”


Character Classes or Character Sets

2) calendar date matching


Feb(ruray)? 23(rd)? to match February 23rd, February 23, Feb 23rd and Feb 23


Optional Items

3) HTML tag matching


<.+?> to match “<EM>” in “<EM>first</EM>” (lazy plus)


Laziness Instead of Greediness (lazy matching)


? to match zero or one time

* to match zero or more times

+ to match one or more times

. to match any single character but line break

\n to match new line

\b to mach word boundary

+? to match the previous element one or more times, but as few times as possible

?= positive lookahead

To be continue …


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