Slim Down UIViewController

1. Separate Out Data Source and Other Protocols

Move Domain Logic into the Model

Creating the Store Class (a service layer/ repository)

Move Web Service Logic to the Model layer

Move View Code into the View Layer (increase reusability and simplicity)

Communication (maintainable)

2. Skinny Controller, Fat Model

Model Objects from Data Structures (Handles Loading & Saving of Model Objects, Encapsulates Caching and Lazy Fetching)

Reusable Views

ViewController as Conductor (Interface with Model, Handle User’s Input)

3. Avoid using UITableViewController, put lots of responsibilities into a single object which is both the datasource and delegate.

4. A view controller’s view does not exist until you access the UIViewController’s view property. (lazy view creation)

After the view has been created, the viewDidLoad() method is called. (the viewDidLoad() method is a perfect place for skinning purposes like colors and fonts, setting localized strings or performing the initial synchronization between model data and view)



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Unburdened ViewControllers

How to avoid big and clumsy UITableViewController on iOS

Decorator Pattern

Write High Quality View Controller

View Controller Programming Guide for iOS


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