How to improve website performance?

1 Measure the page performance

2 Compress and minify the JavaScript and css file

3 Consider leveraging a content delivery network (CDN)

4 Place your javascript at the end of your HTML file if possible.

Seven mistakes that make website slow

1 Too many http requests

Concatenate scripts and stylesheets, combine images with sprites, use fewer images

2 Minimal client-side processing

Validate on the client, use web standards and MVC separation, push presentation code into the client tier, leverage Ajax techniques.

Rule #1 of web security is that user input cannot be trusted. So, validate on the client for performance and UX reasons, and validate on the server for security reasons.

3 Low number of parallel requests

Use browser appropriate domain sharding, use intelligent script loading, leverage keep-alive

4 Failure to leverage browser cache / local storage

Use the right headers, leverage local storage

5 Third party widgets

Avoid third party widgets, use async implementations, measure performance (and stop using the slow ones)

6 Too many bytes

Compression (gzip)

7 Failure to use global network


Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control




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