Rework—A good book for small business

This weekend I read the book Rework which was written by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson who created famous web development framework Ruby on Rails.

There are no bullshit and old saying as tons of blogs and books, they are from real working environment and express in short, practical way, which means you can apply these rules into work tomorrow. For example, they recommend do not use number to priority tasks since most of tasks will have the same number finally, visualizing is a better way, the top one is with the highest priority. There are hundreds of tips like this one.

Furthermore, Jason and David talk about some controversial experience  versus big companies’, like try to do advertising and PR by self first, try to work in the position before hiring, all of these may not apply for these giants in community but will benefit frugal startup environment.

This book is a cookbook by Jason and David  when they work in 37Signal, everyone should have a own cookbook to record experience and share with others.


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