Facebook Manager Session From Good To Great notes

1 From junior to senior

Independence, Quality, Productivity


2 How to evaluate a team

In attention to results

Avoidance of accountability

Lack of commitment

Fear of conflict

Absence of trust

How soon to build trust


3 How to evaluate own position in a team

blending(N) uniqueness(N) -> lost

blending(Y) uniqueness(N) -> mixing

blending(N) uniqueness(Y) -> hero

blending(N) uniqueness(N) -> engaged

most: from lost -> mixing -> engaged


4 Good questions to ask


off guard

What mistake did you make?


5 Book

So Good They Can’t Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for Work You Love


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Yao Li is a web and iOS developer, blogger and he has a passion for technology and business. In his blogs, he shares code snippets, tutorials, resources and notes to help people develop their skills. Donate $5 to him for a coffee with PayPal at About Me page and read more professional and interesting technical blog articles. Follow him @Yaoli0615 at Twitter to get latest tech updates.
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