Grow from junior to senior software developer

  1. Complete a project with an example in book or website, or work with other teammates. (Whatever it’s a school homework, or side project, just do it, finish it first and it’s perfect if you can publish on App Store)
  2. Go through a book which talks about theory from head to toe. (I read the book iOS 8 for Programmers: An App-Driven Approach with Swift, then learned about Design Patterns like Delegation, Target Action, Observer, Optional Chaining. This book is a good example for learning by doing, you can follow examples in book and build 8 apps in Swift.)
  3. Reflect design, architect, implement, test, maintenance by self. (It’s better have a big picture of the project, from mobile UI to API to backend service, even though serverless is so popular nowadays, but take into API and backend account helps iOS developers understand the whole picture better)
  4. Write blog about experience and lessons in process. (What you have done, what will do. What you have gained and what have lost)
  5. Join at least one Meetup group and attend at lease once a month. (Communication is significantly important, face to face talk will never be replaced by social network)
  6. Learn knowledge in business, management, operation, design and other areas. (Technology is not largest obstacle any more, keep learning new techniques in WWDC every year and implement as Apple provides. Sometime think in other perspective like design or business, then push to implement even more difficult in tech side but much more helpful in business)
  7. Automate as much as possible, Test, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, etc. (That’s the reason we use computer and machine which free human from repeated, boring tasks)



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