iOS Meetup Notes (Feb 28, 2017)

1. iOS Spotlight Search

Branch wrap up most part of local and cloud indexing, call its API function and direct user to specific content with deep link.

2. iOS Scroll Performance

Reason: Use CALayer attributes corner radius, shadow or border, it will drop a frame due to the switch between CPU and GPU. If there are a lot of circle images like LinkedIn app, it will be slow to load while scrolling scroll/table/collection view.

Solution: Measure (Instrument in Xcode, Core Animation for GPU), Analyze, Fix, Repeat (until satisfied)

3. AR in iOS

Libs: OpenCV, Dlib, SpriteKit

GameFace provides more granularity to detect mouth open or close, lip position and other details.



iOS 9/10 Spotlight Indexing

iOS Scroll Performance



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