Programming Reflection Mar 12

1 Tree question is usually related with Recursion.

2 Recursion: status in current level, status before return to upper level, status after return from lower level. (i.e. LCA problem (LC 236), Return – TreeNode – Whether one of the two nodes is found in current subTree, Before Recurse down – check root, After Return Back – check what is returned from subtrees)

3 Recursion: Before Recurse Down – check whether current root.val maintains a consecutive sequence, Recurse Down – pass current length and root value to next level, Return max length of current and next level (i.e. Binary Tree Longest Consecutive Sequence (LC 298))

4 Access two children(left and right) simultaneously instead of using extra space to store the serialized tree elements value (i.e. Symmetric Tree (LC 101) )

5 Dynamic Programming tips: find a base case, cache as much as possible for further usage (LC longest palindrome substring)

6 iOS Tips: UIWindow holds different UIView and never be replaced. UIViewController manages UIView and subviews. CALayer is responsible for specific visual content, like animation or sophisticated visual effects.


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