Machine Learning Podcast Learning Notes 

Every morning I listen to this Machine Learning Podcast to learn about the basics and trend of Machine Learning, then I share what I obtained here.

Overview of machine learning algorithms. Infer/predict -> error/loss -> train/learn. Supervised, unsupervised, reinforcement learning.
## Episode

Learning (ML)

– 3-step process

** Infer / Predict

** Error / Loss

** Train / Learn

– First as batch from spreadsheet, then “online” going forward

** Pre-train your “model”

** “Examples”

** “Weights”

– Housing cost example

** “Features”

** Infer cost based on num_rooms, sq_foot, etc

** Error / Loss function

– Supervised learning

** Vision (CNN)

** Speech (RNN)

– Unsupervised

** Market segmentation

– Reinforcement & Semi-Supervised (set a goal, reward and punishment, learn from behavior)

** Planning (DQN): Games (chess, Mario); Robot movement


## Resources

– Tour of Machine Learning Algorithms ( `article`

– The Master Algorithm (link) `audio` Semi-technical overview of ML basics & main algorithms


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