Keystone.js Framework Tips (2)


1. Test in keystone.js

I use Mocha as test runner to tell what passes and fails, and Chai for assertion or should libraries to run specific tests.!topic/keystonejs/AvpvUpHNTn0

process.env.NODE_ENV = process.env.NODE_ENV || 'test';

var keystone = require('keystone');
var chai = require('chai');
var dbURI = process.env.MONGO_URL

  'name': 'Post Model Test',
  's3 config': {} //has to be set, but isn't used in our models

var Post = null;



describe('Posts', function() {
    if (keystone.mongoose.connection.db) return done();
    console.log('Connecting to ' + dbURI)
    keystone.mongoose.connect(dbURI, done);

  it('should be a connection to Mongo', function(done){'Object');

  it('should be a Mongoose Model', function(done) {
    Post = keystone.list('Post');'Object');'model').be.a('Function');'schema').be.a('Object');


2. create a gap between tr (table rows)

table {
    border-collapse: separate;
    border-spacing: 0 15px;

3.Keystone JS CMS Deployment error: cannot find module ‘../build/release/bson’ code ‘module_not_found’


root@keystonejs:~# npm install -g npm-check-updates

debian@keystonejs:~/myproject/manalcjim$ npm-check-updates -u

debian@keystonejs:~/myproject/manalcjim$ npm install

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