Technology Podcast notes


1. Fixed mind set VS growth mind set

Behavior changes brain, learn something, like playing guitar

Praise process and work, don’t always say you are smart or talented

We can always be better

2. 四小时鼓掌赢20美元


3. Vision and strategy
Get invest and revenue
Build team and put talent in right position

4. Management
Build great product
Make income more than expense

Measurability – small team
Expandable – high tech
Choose hard solution
Patent doesn’t help too much, law sue takes too long time

Small group of high quality users
Large amount of


5. 善借人脉 找刘备
敢想敢干 敢于拼搏 温酒斩华雄
打差异化 不喝敬酒 善于炒作
玩神秘 实力 不邀功 面沉如水
远大目标 胸怀舍弃 信仰执着追求 脚踏实地

关羽的威名 曹操的打压
沧海横流 方显英雄本色


威而不怒 亲而不犯

6. Love Faith Hope
Talk Sing Read

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Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…And Others Don’t

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Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action

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The Power of KM: Harnessing the Extraordinary Value of Knowledge Management


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