Web Basics

1. authentication: who you are
authorization: what you can do

cookie: more physical

session: context (teaching – learning, lecturing)
session cookie (bank login)
persistent cookie (remember me option)
token – certificate

2. multi-thread

context thread
thread pool
blocking I/O
single thread
non-blocking I/O (then go to end of queue)
3. Semantic Versioning
breaking . feature . fix (1.3.1)
~ (tilde): update to the latest fix version
^ (caret): update to the latest feature and fix versions
4. Socket vs Port
A socket represents a single connection between two network applications.
A port represents an endpoint or “channel” for network communications.
5. NoSQL is not schema free, but dynamic schema (implicit structure/schema, row and column, match to code expectation)

6. Reactive Programming

a sequence of data stream
cancellable (subscription)
used in both frontend and backend, stream data is like audio, video, stock ticket info, twitter tweets, IoT data, etc.
Pull vs Push
Pull: consumer, function, iterators, active
Push: producer, Promises, Observables, passive
Observable: play from beginning for every subscriber
Subject: on live, no replay
7. SQL vs NoSQL
MySQL (Netflix user info, movie info, payment)
need transaction (transfer money), strong consistency (no same name in system), well structured
MongoDB (Comments)
more flexible, frequent write
S3 (movie data)
huge size, no need mutation
replica (whole data)
shard (partial data)


8. Apache Benchmark (A/B test)
ab -c 100 -n 1000 https://www.google.com/
9. Code Editor
Brackets (friendly to front end development)
10. ECMAScript 6 equivalents in ES5 (link)
11. Regular Expression
online tool: RegExr
12. 在 2016 年学 JavaScript 是一种什么样的体验?(link)

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