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How to start a startup Startup Founders at Work The Best Simple Business Models Why I’m leaving silicon valley 未来世界的幸存者 Software and technology stack used by top companies Do things that don’t scale   Donate $5 to me for a … Continue reading

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20131027 爱拼大讲堂 中国第一财经作家吴晓波: 有多少失败可以重来 创业被高估的特质:智商,机遇(《大败局》) 创业被低估的特质:热爱(为什么创业),真实(是不是鞋子),坚持   吴晓波 20140626:乔布斯是谁下的蛋 理论家+鼓动者+行动者 群众运动:文化大革命,嬉皮士运动 反抗权威,提倡自由,解放人性 毛泽东,乔布斯   著名财经作家吴晓波:如何在变化的时代中找准自己的位置 职业选择 吴晓波 开讲啦 《开讲啦》 20130704 吴晓波:我懂你的焦虑 独立思考(经济独立,人格独立) 怀疑精神 喜欢的事业做二十年,直到弹尽粮绝

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Mobile Development in Startup

From native to hybrid app development and back Define What You Need Your App To Do — Now, And In The Future   Don’t Let Business Needs Outweigh User Expectations   If You Choose Native, Focus On One Market First Reference: … Continue reading

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Startup Lessons

More funding won’t magically fix your startup – Scale too quickly – Hire the wrong people – Cling to the wrong idea or give up too quickly – Lose focus – Oxygen Tips from Momo’s founder – Vision and strategy … Continue reading

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